My Spiritual Checkup
by Catherine Braswell

Every year men and women, boys and girls make appointments to see their doctors to make sure that all is well with their bodies. Just as we are concerned with our physical health and bodies, we must be concerned with our spiritual health. In My Spiritual Checkup, author Catherine Braswell helps readers achieve a state of spiritual wellness.

According to the author, Christians need to check in with their Lord and Master, the Great Physician, to be certain that the challenges of this life have not produced any major, bad spiritual changes in their spiritual condition. In thirteen chapters, Braswell helps readers assess themselves and addresses how they can recover from their current state.

Braswell starts by identifying what readers should look for during the checkup. She covers all aspects of one’s being, from the mind to the heart. At the end, she helps readers handle the results of their spiritual examination and leads them to move forward.

“Always remember the Great Physician is available at all times to give you the help and support that you need to make it on this journey. Call on Him; He will answer,” the author says.